This movement is ideal for people from all walks of life and leaders who are about the kingdom of God. We believe that no one should do life or ministry alone! Partnership is key to impacting the world. 

How much would you give to make a difference in peoples lives by reaching souls for God?


For $25 a month, you can receive Kingdom Teachings and partner in impacting thousands of people's lives!


How? By becoming a 2020 Vision Partner with us. This is not a new partnership program. However, it is our new emphasis on partnership. God can bless the inside walls of the Church when we’re willing to go outside those walls. He needs people willing to “go ye” into all the world and share this glorious Gospel of grace! When you do, you no longer have to go door-to-door knocking to win souls—now you can get in the house! It’s so important that the Gospel of the Kingdom which Christ taught is preached worldwide.

God’s heart is for His church to reach the local community and nation at large.
  • We aim to collaborate with others of like precious faith to share, sharpen, empower and support one another.

  • You become a part of sharing the love and faith of Christ around the world!

  • 100% of your giving goes to advancing the Kingdom of God International operation, mission and leadership support.

  • You become a part of crossing cultural and denominational lines to glorify God.

  • You join in celebrating the humanitarian purpose of changing lives, winning souls and water baptisms within the Kingdom of God International church partnerships.

As a 2020 Vision Partner, you have the opportunity to get 2020 prophetic vision of God’s grace and power going into places removing burdens and destroying yokes, freeing people from bondage, shame and guilt by waking up to the power of God's Word.
Be a Kingdom Builder Today for only $25 a month. As you take the equivalent of the widow’s mite, and give it to God to impact thousands with the Gospel of grace, you can expect grace explosions to take place in your life. Like the little boy who sowed his lunch, you too will experience supernatural abundance.

Everyone desires love and support.
  • No child of God should be unsupported in their dreams and endeavors.

  • You will connect with others creating an environment of growth, opportunities and connections with other pastors and business leaders who are on the same path as you.

  • You will become part of a family that genuinely loves, cares and supports you.

  • You will find connections that will produce partnerships that give you strength and Godly wisdom as you enjoy advancing the Kingdom life together. 

You will gain access to life changing tools and resources!
  • Partners will receive a special access code in order to access the back office support and teachings.

  • Partners, leaders and businesses will be included in periodic commercials and spotlights throughout conferences, social media and media platforms.

  • Partners will receive notices when new kingdom gear comes out. 

  • Partners will receive a special discount off on early Conference registration annually.


In this fast paced, digital society, we believe it is important to deliver the Word of God through an innovative system that won’t slow you down. Whether you travel, work long hours, tour, live out of the area, or just tired of waiting in line to buy CD’s, This partnership is for you!

Our Commitment to You:

  • Pray weekly for God’s blessings to be upon you

  • Study the Word and diligently seek God to provide you with life Spirit Filled Life Changing teachings

  • Minister to you monthly in a personal letter

  • Periodically offer special gifts for your spiritual edification and growth


Your Commitment:

  • Always pray for KOGI Ministries

  • Be committed to support CHANGE conferences or symposiums in your area

  • Support the ministry financially with your monthly pledge

  • Consistently lift up the ministry, Drs. Anthony and Micheline McFarland, and his family with positive confessions of faith


TV & Online partners can be apart of our movement by becoming a Silver Advocate to support our work and our Kingdom mission.

Your choice to connect changes everything.  Join the front-line with Anthony and Micheline to spread this Kingdom Message of the Gospel to those in need. By signing up today, you will also receive exclusive access to the 2020 Partnership Portal.


It’s not just about one church, one man, one mission; it’s about a collaboration of Kingdom relationships that covenant together with God and with each other to advance the Kingdom of God internationally.

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