The Kingdom of God disaster plan for communities nation wide is to provide churches and citizens of the Kingdom of God with an evacuation plan. This will consist of detailed procedures, what to do, who to contact, what is needed, who’s responsible for what and having designated church locations within each city that will provide assistance to both members in the body of Christ and its surrounding neighbors.


Whatever one chooses to call it — disaster planning, emergency preparedness, or business continuity (and experts note that there are differences) — the goals are ultimately the same: to get community/church back up and running in the event of an interruption. The problem causing the interruption could be one computer crashing or an entire network crashing; or it could be an electrical outage or the result of terrorist activity. The goal is to have some contingency plans in the event of a disaster. A Disaster Recovery Plan exists to preserve the church and believers so that it can continue to offer its services and/or care for members. Every Pastor should have the heart of God when it comes to caring for His sheep/people’s safety.


Our goal is to have in every major city four church locations and multiple businesses from the North, South, East and West partnering to be light-towers for believers to go to or come back to in case of an evacuation. If your members’ homes are destroyed they need to know ahead of time what the plan is for leaving their homes to re-entering back into the community/city and having a way to find their loved ones. Each church partner will have a list of churches that are partnering (networking) within the Kingdom of God to give assistance to those members of their churches as a priority.


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